October/November 2015

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This week the August/September issue of The Scoop was mailed locally to more than 6600 households in Tamworth, Erinsville, Enterprise, Centreville, Camden East, Newburgh, Colebrook, Yarker, Verona, Hartington, Sydenham, Roblin, Selby, Parham, Tichborne, Kaladar, Stella, Godfrey, and Marlbank. Throughout the week, we'll be dropping off nearly 1000 copies in Napanee, Arden, Cloyne, Northbrook, Flinton, and in various retail outlets throughout Lennox & Addington and Frontenac Counties.

In this issue:
  • Here's The Scoop, by Grace Smith
  • Mailbag
  • The John M. Parrott Centre is ten years old, by Angela Malcolm
  • A look at the history of the motion picture in Napanee, by Andrew Minigan
  • Do You Remember: Kerosene lamps? by Glen. R. Goodhand
  • Lessons Learned, by Blair McDonald
  • Tamworth's rising literary profile, by Mike Paterson
  • One born every minute, by Alyce Gorter
  • If you build it... by Trever Abrams
  • Keeping them wild, by Leah Birmingham
  • Highland Cow Adventures: Angus the escape artist, part 1, by Terry Berry
  • Luminescence, by J. Huntress
  • A Natural View: Run fast, hide, and stay alive, by Terry Sprague
  • Mystery of missing bus driver solved: Evidence shows signs of happy retirement, by Lillian Bufton
  • Blueberry fields forever, by John Wilson and Denice Wilkins
  • Let's plant trees, by Lisa Pedersen
  • New life for an old milk wagon, by Sally Bowen
  • Autumn in Yarker, by Lena Koch
  • Pioneering rural doctor Ellen Blatchford, by the Cloyne & District Historical Society
  • Whatzit?
  • Making the most out of fall, by Jordan Balson
  • Puzzle Page
  • Kids & Parents
  • Blast from the past: The Lakeview Tavern
  • A note before you begin the journey, by Maureen Francis Doyle
  • Canadian Library Month, by Catherine Coles