February-March issue

Today the latest issue of The Scoop was mailed locally to 6000 households in Tamworth, Erinsville, Enterprise, Centreville, Camden East, Newburgh, Colebrook, Yarker, Verona, Hartington, Sydenham, Roblin, Selby, Parham, Tichborne, Kaladar, and Stella. Throughout this week, we'll be dropping off another 1000 copies in Napanee and in various retail outlets throughout Lennox & Addington.

In this issue:
  • Here's The Scoop (Editorial), by Angela Saxe
  • Natural Gas? Oil Wells?
  • Rural Telephone Companies, by Cora Reid
  • "Handkerchief Language"
  • Napanee Photo Club, by Barry Lovegrove
  • The Wildlife Rescue Dilemma, by Leah Birmingham
  • A Thoughtful Approach..., by Mary-Jo Field
  • It Takes a Team, by J. Huntress
  • Get Fit, Stay Fit, by Thomasina Larkin
  • A Natural View: Wildlife - Not In My Backyard! by Terry Sprague
  • Belle Starr, by Barry Lovegrove
  • Neighbours Helping Neighbours: The "Storey" of a House, by J. Bartlett
  • Scoop Backroader: In Search of Erratics, by Angela Saxe
  • Stone Mills Girls Win Hockey Gold, by Barry Lovegrove
  • Unusual Uses for Wool, by Sally Bowen
  • Viburnum, Viburnum, Everywhere! by Blair Richards
  • Y2K Meets Climate Change, by Cam Mather
  • Re-tailings, by Carolyn Butts
  • Moving Out and Growing Up, by Grace Smith
  • Lessons Learned, by Blair McDonald
  • A Senior's Pre-Exam Rant, by Sebastian Back
  • The Best Years of Your Life, by Reba Pennell
  • S.W.F., by Ivy Vinette
  • Valentine Colours, by Merola Tahamtan
  • County of Lennox & Addington Public Library Children's Programs
  • L&A Resources for Children (LARC) Programs
  • Free Classifieds
  • Family Mediation or Arbitration - or a Combination of Both? by Allan Proulx
  • Puzzle Page
  • Winter Family Fun: Napanee's Winter Chill Fest & Newburgh's Canal Bash

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