April-May issue

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Today the latest issue of The Scoop was mailed locally to 6000 households in Tamworth, Erinsville, Enterprise, Centreville, Camden East, Newburgh, Colebrook, Yarker, Verona, Hartington, Sydenham, Roblin, Selby, Parham, Tichborne, Kaladar, and Stella. Throughout this week, we'll be dropping off another 1000 copies in Napanee and in various retail outlets throughout Lennox & Addington.

In this issue:
  • Here's The Scoop (editorial), by Angela Saxe
  • SCOOP 2013 Writing Contest
  • A Special Business: Teaching Kids to Sail, by David More
  • Wildlife Kidnapping: A Totally Avoidable Event, by Leah Birmingham
  • Fuel for Fitness, by Thomasina Larkin
  • Snow Pitch, by Barry Lovegove
  • Weighing the Costs: Building a Case for a Local Food Economy
  • SWF, by Ivy Vinette
  • Looking Back, Looking Forward: Tamworth-Erinsville GrassRoots Growers, by Mary Jo Field
  • Getting to Know Red Cedar: Juniperus virginia, by Blair Richards
  • The New Norm for Farming, by Cam Mather
  • No Plot? No Problem! by Faith Woodland
  • Meet Doris DubĂ©, by Angela Saxe
  • Meet Marg & Brian Weese, by Linda Selkirk
  • A Natural View: Wood Warblers - The Butterflies of the Bird World, by Terry Sprague
  • Rooms of Wonder, by J. Huntress
  • Catherine MacLellan & Jonathon Byrd Perform at Tamworth Legion, by Barry Lovegrove
  • Spring Tips for a Spotless House, by Merola Tahamtan
  • Beavers: The Bother and the Beauty, by Susan Moore
  • What Did You Read Today? by Gayle Johnson
  • Inspiration 101, by Sue Wade
  • Jake's Dilemma, by Jacob Murray
  • Muddy and Together, by Grace Smith
  • Stand Up and Fight, by Reba Pennell
  • Make Room for Silence, by Sebastian Back
  • Irish Boxty, by Beverly Frazer
  • Lessons Learned, by Blair McDonald
  • County of Lennox & Addington Public Library Children's Programs
  • LARC Tamworth Playgroup
  • Voyageur Day, Tamworth Elementary School
  • Free Classifieds
  • Puzzle Page