February/March 2020

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In this issue:

  • Here's the SCOOP (Editorial)
  • What Is Happening in LDSB & Why Should You Care? / Roberta Lamb
  • Wassailing the Orchard: A New Year's Tradition / Todd H. C. Fischer
  • Sweet Speakers: From Maple Syrup to Cannabis / Susan Moore
  • For Better or Worse / Alyce Gorter
  • Journey to the Health Hut and Follow the Path to Pain-Free Living / Katherine Burrows
  • Thunderbird Matters: Being Loyal to the Land / Tim Yearington
  • Barry Lovegrove / Angela Saxe
  • Township of Stone Mills Identity: Is There Purpose in a Community Voice? / Katherine Burrows
  • A Natural View: Flirting with Danger / Terry Sprague
  • Do You Remember: The 1947 Late Winter Storm? / Glen Goodhand
  • Tackling the Farm Crisis and the Climate Crisis / Dianne Dowling
  • Puzzle Page
  • An APPortunity to Learn about Nature / Susan Moore & Amanda Tracey
  • Celebrate Seeds at Seedy Saturday / Dianne Dowling