Moose Migration!

Paul Asselstine

[This excerpt ran in the June/July 2009 issue of The SCOOP.]

Sunday, April 19, [2009], 8 a.m. 

Sitting in front of the windows looking out on the north end of Lime Lake (Marlbank across from Philoxia). Much surprised by a large animal walking by the gazebo. The camera is kept nearby, usually to photograph birds, but not this time. I took these two photos through the glass door and then stepped outside and took more photos as the moose went into the water and swam across the lake.

This is a rare sighting, but it did happen once before several years ago. Locals also report seeing the moose, possibly coming from White Lake down to Lime Lake. We, Paul and Carolyn Asselstine,  have our retirement home on part of my grandfather’s woodlot (W.O. Asselstine). It’s located on the north-east shore of Lime Lake, off Coldwater Road.   

Camera always ready, Paul Asselstine.